Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays are our local baseball team and play in the Eastern Division of the American League. Blue is the color in Toronto and the Blue Jays share the color with our other teams – the Maple Leafs and the Argonauts.

The club has been around since 1977 and its current home is the Rogers Centre (formally the Skydome). The Jays are currently the only club from Canada playing in the MLB leagues.

The late 1980s was a good time to be a Blue Jays fan when the team accomplished great things – including back to back World Series championships during 1992 and 1993. (The only non US team to manage this). Since then things have quietened down though our hopes continue to be high!

Toronto Maple Leafs

Here in Toronto there is one great attraction.  They are the Toronto Maple Leafs one of the best pro ice hockey teams around.  (Ok I may be slightly biased!!)

Anyway they play in the Eastern Conference of the NHL.  Their home base is the Air Canada Centre where they have been for twelve years.  Before that they were at the Maple Leaf Gardens.

Now the Maple Leafs dont get on so well with the Montreal Canadians our biggest rivals.  Were rivals of the Ottawa Senators too!!

We have won thirteen championships including eleven Stanley Cups.  But unfortunalely its been a long time since we last won….1967.,,,ouch!  Oh well….next year!!